Singing bowls also known as Tibetan singing bowls originated from Asia. It has been proven that the vibrations from the Tibetan relax and eases the mind. It produces a sound that invokes meditation, deep state of relation, stress reduction, and promotes music and well being. However, it is quite difficult to find singing bowls that are of great quality to help satisfy your needs. Visit theĀ silverskyimports website to get started.

Silver Sky Imports or SSI is a unique online shop that deals with handmade goods made from Asia, India, and Tibet. It supplies these handmade products both in wholesale and retail. Singing bowls that are handmade are unique and special unlike those made using machines. This is because they produce high sound quality and vibrations that will ultimately assist your mind and body to heal and relax.

Therefore, if you are looking for unique Tibetan singing bowls, Silver Sky imports is the store for you.
Silver Sky imports sell both antique and original singing bowls. The antique bowls have an authentic age and are durable than modern Tibetan singing bowls. Also, they produce good sound and have better quality making them more expensive than original singing bowls.

Also, the Tibetan singing bowls sold at the silver sky are of high quality and have passed the quality control standards. Rubber is struck around the rim to enhance the smoothness of playing the Tibetan. The site has pictures, description and sound samples of the singing bowls available for sale. The bowls are hand selected then each bowl is professionally photographed to give clients a clear picture of the actual bowl. You will also be provided with samples to check the quality of the singing bowl. What you order at Sky vision is what you will get.

Singing bowls in Sky vision come in all shapes, types, and sizes. The different designs hold significant meanings allowing you to choose the suitable singing bowl for your needs. The size of bowls varies from about 3-4 inches to about 16-24 inches depending on the client’s choice. Remember, the larger the size of the bowl, the deeper the tone the singing bowl will produce.

Additionally, Silver Sky imports offer their customers more information about the bowls to help improve their playing skills. When you order the singing bowls, the package will contain instructions that will give you a clear guide on how to set up the bowls. This is useful especially to beginners.


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